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Fun Five: “Famous Father Girl” and Dueling Bernstein Biopics

This week in #Bernsteinat100: there are (at least) two Bernstein biopics in the works — and one of them just secured rights to include Bernstein’s music. Also, Jamie Bernstein’s beautiful memoir is soon to be released, Lara Downes’s album “For Lenny” receives rave reviews, Symphony Space hosts 8 hours of Bernstein, and a huge new production of “Candide” opens in Atlanta!

1. Cooper, Spielberg and Scorcese Secure Life and Music Rights for Bernstein Biopic

We told you in our most recent Fun Five about Jake Gyllenhaal’s upcoming Bernstein biopic titled “The American.” This week, Deadline broke the news that Bradley Cooper — along with a team at Paramount Pictures including Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorcese — is starring in and directing another Bernstein movieand they’ve been granted full rights to Bernstein’s music.

What that means for Gyllenhaal’s film still remains to be seen, but what it means for us Bernstein fans, well… that’s a different story entirely!

2. “Famous Father Girl”: Jamie Bernstein’s Love Letter to Her Parents

Jamie Bernstein’s upcoming book, Famous Father Girl: A Memoir of Growing Up Bernstein, will be released on June 12. Christopher Purdy of WOSU, Columbus, Ohio’s public media station, wrote this lovely review:

Kids don’t get to choose their parents. Jamie Bernstein shed some tears, had some laughs and made peace. Then she wrote her love letter to her parents.

Add this one to your summer reading list! Find out more about Famous Father Girl and pre-order it here.

3. Larger-than-Life “Candide,” 17 Years in the Making

It is funny. It is witty. It is very self-aware. And it earns its moments of impossible heart.

A new production of Bernstein’s “Candide,” a collaboration between the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Alliance Theatre, recently opened in Atlanta, Georgia, and runs through May 20. Get the inside scoop from the director of this epic staging on what it takes to wrangle 170 musicians, actors, singers, and dancers, plus enormous projections of puppetry and, of course, Bernstein’s iconic music – then go see the show! It promises to be a wildly entertaining romp.

4. Wall-to-Wall Bernstein in NYC, Saturday, May 19

New Yorkers! Saturday, experience Bernstein’s music like never before: Symphony Space is celebrating its 40th – and Bernstein’s 100th – birthday with 8 straight hours of music, dance, conversation, and film.

Best of all, it’s free to attend!

5. Clavier Companion Reviews Lara Downes’s “For Lenny”

Pianist Lara Downes’s newest album, “For Lenny,” received a rave review from Clavier Companion, a magazine for piano teachers and students. Read the review, and hear a track from the album:

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