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“I’ll do it as Bernstein, or not at all.”
~ Leonard Bernstein

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Classical.org is a new, premiere digital music entertainment service of WGBH Educational Foundation, Media Partner and Official Digital Partner of the Leonard Bernstein Centennial, with support from Public Radio International (PRI).

Classical.org is dedicated to making classical music accessible and relevant to all.

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About The Bernstein Experience

The Bernstein Experience officially debuted January 25, 2018 — seven months before Bernstein’s 100th birthday.

Listen to Bernstein’s music

Enjoy a free, 24/7 digital stream of music composed, performed, or conducted by Leonard Bernstein. To listen, press play on the player at the top left of any Bernstein Experience page.

Explore Bernstein’s life and legacy

Explore the intersections of Bernstein’s life and legacy — composer, conductor, educator, activist, and human being — through The Bernstein Experience collections: curated, related sets of content selected or created by Classical.org to entertain, inspire, and educate you.

Peruse snapshots in time — years and moments where Bernstein’s life forever changed, and Bernstein forever changed the life of others; pillars of his legacy, and the people who helped formed it; explorations of favorite compositions and performances; reflections on, and from, friends and family; exclusive audio and video footage; Bernstein’s poetry and letters; quotes, fun facts, shareable GIFs and social media, and more.

Check back often for more intersections, paradoxes, and evergreen wisdom of the one-and-only Bernstein. We’ll be adding new collections — and new features within existing collections — throughout the Bernstein Centennial.

Attend a Bernstein at 100 event

Leonard Bernstein at 100 is the world-wide celebration of the 100th birthday of Leonard Bernstein, the composer, conductor, educator, musician, cultural ambassador, and humanitarian. Led by The Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc., the centennial officially began on August 25, 2017, Bernstein’s 99th birthday, and continues through his 100th year until August 25, 2019.

Bernstein at 100 (#Bernsteinat100), includes thousands of global events, including concerts, performances, and panels exploring Bernstein’s musical and humanitarian contributions, as well as related social media.

Peruse the complete listings of Bernstein Centennial events or type in one or more fields (date, city, state, country) to filter relevant results.

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Welcome to The Bernstein Experience on Classical.org! Check back often for more great music, inspiration, and fun!


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