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Fun Five: Bernstein Rocks, Boston Pops, and Mahler Grooves

Join us as we take a look at this (and recent) weeks’ top stories from the Leonard Bernstein Centennial around the globe. Find more using the hashtag #Bernsteinat100.

1. “6 reasons Leonard Bernstein was a classical music superstar”

There’s no question that for most of his career Leonard Bernstein was the biggest celebrity in the world of classical music: love him or hate him, everybody knew his name. Paul Hill, of the Utah Symphony, compiled a list of 6 reasons that Bernstein “rocks [his] socks.”

Also, there are fun gifs! So, what are you waiting for?

2. Boston Pops to celebrate Bernstein

This spring, the Boston Pops will celebrate the Bernstein centenary with productions of On the Town and West Side Story, as well as several tribute concerts led by Keith Lockhart.

The Boston Pops and Boston Symphony Orchestra also put together a dynamic timeline marking major Boston-related events in Bernstein’s life, including key compositions and events with each group.

3. Bernstein, politics, and the FBI?

“Bernstein’s political stance, once mocked and dismissed, looks different in today’s political climate,” says The New Yorker‘s Alex Ross speaking at Stanford Live on Monday, February 26. “Bernstein was a patriot who felt compelled to challenge his country’s failure to live up to its ideals.” He tweeted:

For more on Bernstein and the FBI, see this 2009 multimedia project for The New Yorker, in which Ross examines Bernstein’s “sharply leftist” political views, and delves into the Nixon administration’s reaction, featuring a tour through FBI files, Nixon’s Bernstein tapes, and, surprisingly, a cameo from Ginger Rogers.

4. Joshua Gersen talks 100 years of Bernstein

For the 100th episode of The IVY Podcast, host Phil Chan sat down with Joshua Gersen, the New York Philharmonic’s current Assistant Conductor, to talk about the Bernstein centennial celebrations happening throughout the year, as well as give his unique insider’s perspective on what makes Bernstein’s music so great.

“I think what’s interesting about Bernstein’s music… is that it’s really a reflection of American culture in the 20th century.”

5. Mahler Grooves with the New York Philharmonic

A quick scroll through the hashtag #mahlergroovesnyp gives us a look at the New York Philharmonic’s awesome 13-hour Mahler Marathon that took place on Sunday, February 25. Moderator Fred Child tweeted highlights:

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