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Favorite Five This Week in #Bernsteinat100: “Glorious Mess” and Travel Tips

Join us as we take a look at this (and recent) weeks’ top stories from the Leonard Bernstein Centennial around the globe. Find more using hashtag: #Bernsteinat100.

1. Leonard Bernstein’s “Glorious Mess”?

Mark Swed of the LA Times reviews the LA Philharmonic’s recent production of Leonard Bernstein’s Mass:

There is, in “Mass,” everything under the sun, and that is what at first made “Mass” so offensive and then, as everything under the sun became the way of the musical world, so seemingly important.

(Read more about the powerful production from LB’s daughter, Nina.)

2. Travel Tips for #Bernsteinat100’s Talya Zax highlights 10 travel destinations hosting Bernstein centennial celebrations, from Israel to Japan to New York City.

(Remember, if you can’t make it to these destinations, you can travel virtually with Jamie, Alexander, and Nina right here.)

3. Frasier, Voltaire, and Bernstein’s Candide

NPR Music’s Scott Simon interviewed Kelsey Grammer about his starring role — and operatic debut — in the LA Opera’s production of Candide.

4. “The World’s Music”

CityBeat discusses: why does Leonard Bernstein still matter? Anne Arenstein says:

Bernstein demolished barriers between genres. He showed how The Beatles’ “And I Love Her” exemplified three-part sonata form and how Dvorák used African-American spirituals in his Ninth Symphony. There was no Classical music — it was the world’s music and it belonged to everyone.

5. How many tries to dance “America”?

Which West Side Story scene took Rita Moreno 25 tries and left her costar “hurt forever?” has the scoop:

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