Tag: Becoming a Celebrity (1943-1957)

This period begins at a turning point in Bernstein’s professional life: substituting for an ailing Bruno Walter to conduct the New York Philharmonic (Nov. 14, 1943). Bernstein’s performance launched him into early stardom: he appeared on the cover of The New York Times the next day. These years include numerous triumphs as a conductor and composer, as well as personally.

Best of Bernstein: 10 Quotes for Inspiring and Motivating Musicians and Artists (and Every One Who Dares to Hope and Dream)

Need a little inspiration? Look no further: Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990), the great American-born and -trained conductor and composer, educator and humanitarian, spoke volumes in words and deeds: from understanding loss and disappointment, to persisting amid frustration (and fame), to devoting concerts to social causes. Here are ten of our favorite quotes (for musicians and the rest of us).

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